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Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses
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I have had horses all my life and when I got where I could afford it. I had padded horses and later flat shod horses and even country pleasure horses. We had circuits and showed every Friday and Saturday night. I won high point in several categories nearly every year.

Here at Holmes Farm, I am dedicated to producing the best quality trail horses available. For years, I have hand selected quality mares to produce horses with great minds and gaits. While color is a bonus that pleases the eye, I strive to produce horses that can give that comfortable gait that makes the Tennessee Walking Horse so famous.

My featured stud is The Buck Starts Here. He is a perlino with a double Agouti gene and that is a rare combination. His first crop of colts in 2005 was outstanding. One of his buckskin babies took Reserve in the Midwest Futurity Championships this year. Buck has no Pride of Midnight blood and is the perfect cross for Pride of Midnight bred mares. With his old fashioned bloodlines and their proven walking ability and the beauty of the Pride line, his babies show a hybrid vigor both in gait and conformation . I have been very pleased with the quality of his foals.

November 06 ~ The Buck Starts Here had an outstanding 06 foal crop. Most of them sold quickly off their dams before weaning. So, if you want one for 07, you better speak up quickly. I still have a fall buckskin filly and two perlino fillies for sale.  People who have bred their good mares to Buck have had nothing but good comments to say about his foals.

~Jim Holmes
Holmes Farm, Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses

We offer live cover THE BUCK STARTS HERE! a Perlino Stallion.
The Buckskin producer of naturally gaited Tennessee Walking Horse foals.

See our explanation of the Agouti Gene.

Breeder of Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses
Jim Holmes
113 Cty Hwy 840
Sikeston, Missouri 63801
Cell 573-620-0784
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