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Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses


Gen's Cream Chance
Cremello mare
Near hind fetlock, star, white mane and tail - ? hands
TWHBEA #987847
Foaled 07/01/1998 (blood and DNA typed)

Reference Photos courtesy of  The Ancestor Gallery
Gold Generator Prides Generator Pride Of Midnight HF Midnight Sun
Pride Of Stanley
HF Spirits Nell Spirit Of Midnight
Nell's Last Lady
Handshaker's Gold Handshaker's Mason Handshaker Delight A.
Mason's Supermaid
Go Boy Goldie Jerry's Go Boy H.
The Lady Bird
Spur's Crisco Golden Spur Rock And Roll Mason Wilson Strollin Gold
Martha Ann Y.
Ginger Girl A.M. Only Chance
Fancy Princess
Honey Gold Dust JEH Mitchell's Gold Dust Chance's Gold Dust H.
Oliver Last Chance
Gold Aces Glory JEH Go Boy's Glory MMF
Midnight Gold Ace

Progeny Records
iPEDs Production Information
Horse Number Horse Name Sex Owner of Record
987847  GEN'S CREAM CHANCE  M Darlene Doerr
Foal Number Foal Name Foal Sex Blood Typed Foal Date Sire Number Sire Name
20205379  GEN'S FAVORITE CREMELLO  S Y 04/03/2002 980333   Favorite's Cremello Chance
Cremello Chance
20401396  WHISPER'S IVORY GIZZMO  S Y 02/25/2004 20107008   Favorite's Cremello Chance
Cremello Chance
20610626  SAS'S A STUD NAMED PEARL  S N 06/12/2006 20112772 
Breeder of Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses
Jim Holmes
113 Cty Hwy 840
Sikeston, Missouri 63801
Cell 573-620-0784
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