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Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses
  A Gold Bullette  

"Pippi White Stockings and A Gold Bullette were everything you said plus some and these pictures a year later show how much more beautiful they have become. They both have a natural running walk and wonderful temperaments. I can hardly wait to see their foals by Darrah’s Ivory Chance when they are old enough." - Elsie Darrah of Last Chance Farm.


A Gold Bullette
Palomino mare
Star, snip, white mane and tail - ? hands
TWHBEA #20109099

Foaled 10/17/2001 (blood and DNA typed)

Reference Photos courtesy of  The Ancestor Gallery
Hank Williams Favorites Bold Gold E. Pride's Favorite Pride Of Midnight HF
Pettit's Shirley
Rum Creek Pride E. England's Pride
Ramblers Blk. Angle L.
Christmas Gold E. Bud England England's Pride
Belle England
Mack-K Last Treet Midnight Mack K.
Miss Taffy
Baker's Beautiful Bullet Gold Bullet Gold Generator Prides Generator
Handshaker's Gold
Competitive Rate Spirits Black Threat
Ace's Dream Maker
Baker's Beautiful Babe Sun's First Son R. Sun's Last Son
Shaker's Lori Lynn
Hardeman Rose Spur's Best Man
Sun Dust's Susie Q.

Progeny Records
iPEDs Production Information
Horse Number Horse Name Sex Owner of Record
20109099  A GOLD BULLETTE  M Eddie Wilson
Foal Number Foal Name Foal Sex Blood Typed Foal Date Sire Number Sire Name
20604802  CHANCE'S GOLDEN BULLET  S Y 04/05/2006 20213861  DARRAH'S IVORY CHANCE 
20706605  TUCSON'S HANK WILLIAMS  S N 07/11/2007 20314369  TWISTER'S COUNTRY TUCSON 
20803308  TUCSON'S GOLDEN TAFFY  M N 07/26/2008 20314369  TWISTER'S COUNTRY TUCSON 
Breeder of Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses
Jim Holmes
113 Cty Hwy 840
Sikeston, Missouri 63801
Cell 573-620-0784
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